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Adds new NCR NPCs in the area for protection--Increases vendor items, Adds new items for both vendors; adds some new quests, NEW ARMORER VENDOR AND REPAIRER

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Simple mod I wanted to make to add protection in the area, in case of legion assassins by adding an small NCR garrison in the area (thus the location is under NCR Control). Also increases stock for both Fitz and Lupe. Adds Moonshine to Lupe's vendor inventory, adds some more additional meats in Fitz's vendor inventory.



Lupe and Fitz no longer sell random items (9mm pistol and rounds/casing-Knife)

Changed Lupe and Fitz to Cowardly

Main campfire has smoke fx

Added some more quantities of consumables in Fitz vendor

Armorer no longer respawns

Armorer now has 100% condition equipment and some stimpaks

Armorer now has dialogue that, if you are supporting legion (accepted or above rep) he will refuse to talk to you and the player will start combat with the entire encampment. If you have an mixed NCR rep of Wild Child, Unpredictable, he will also refuse to talk to you but not attack you. If you have Mixed or dark hero/soft hearted devil, he will be of service to you, but will charge "highway robbery" to you for his services. (note if you are pro-ncr you will be offered 30% discounts to his repair and shop)

GOODBYE dialogue and GREETING dialogue based on reputation with NCR and/or Legion (If accepted++ by legion, will attack if you talk to him)

Beefed up the garrison, let me know if its too strong

2 New short quests, one fetch, one kill

1 unmarked quest regarding Alice Mclafferty's assignments (If you already completed you cannot get the special reward from Floyd, though you will be able to tell him you've already done the quest but no rewards will be given)

Completing Floyd's unmarked quest will award you Pimpboy and NCR Fame and allows you to switch pipboys in dialogue with Floyd

Moved caravan movement line towards street, npcs and brahmin tended to get stuck into sandbag toward bridge.



Note that the Garrison does not deploy UNTIL trade deal is finalized between Fits and Farber

ALSO, if you have already *completed* the trade deal b/w Farber and Fitz before installing either of my mods, you will need to return to him again and finalize it in the OPTIONAL file for the Garrison to deploy.

The one thing that could not be done is changing map marker, sorry. for this optional file it will be permanently NONE, i.e. NCRREP is not associated with the map marker for this optional mod, however for the main, It will be marked as NCRREP.

Also variable detection wouldn't work, so have to return to farber if first time downloading.


adding a new armorer/equipment vendor  and other npcs VOICE

adding *furniture* items to repsent the vendors, stock (like ammo crates etc for armorer)

adding more items to the current vendors (Lupe's may stay same since she is after all, a water vendor.)

more idle markers

add more quests intertwined with your NCR activity and Armorer

other peoples suggestions

-Potential bug-

The bug with Lupe's Inventory not restocking may not be able to get fixed, not sure why this happens, her vendor container is set to *respawn* even after tinkering with it. Looking into it