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A halal mod for you. Ghouls won't die until you cut off their head or at the very least, their legs. Yes, that means they'll run around without arms if you farewell them. Optiional files provides the same survival opportunity for deathclaws and supermutants (And now also centaurs and cazaclaws).

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Asalam Alaykum!

A treat I picked up dissolving through Aces High .

It's a very simple bit of code that, nonetheless, can be the game changer. What it does is basically forces the game to check, upon "death" of a feral ghoul, if he lost specific parts (head, legs). If he didn't, or if he only lost "non-essential limbs", the game makes it come back to life as if he was just "giving the rest to his eyes", with full health restored. It  will contitnue to do so until you severe the aforementioned limbs. Sometimes, even with the legs cut off, the ghoul would like to take a shot at it. So head is the best makesure way to deal with them now.

An optiional file for the real radioactive lads out there allows Deathclaws to join ferals' "better aim for the head" circle. If you thought Deathclaws were a thing before, now its time to upgrade your opinion.

EDIT: Added a quick experimental plugin that also includes supermutants. 

EDIT EDIT: Supermutant plugin is no longer "experimental" but proper. Centaurs are brought to the "hardkill" rooster in it, and can only die if their head is destroyed. 

CentaurHardcore version makes centaurs only killable by disintegration (plasma, laser, etc). I see centaurs as sort of FEV-like spin on Carpenter's The Thing monster, so that's the version I use.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Another extra optional plugin, combines Centaur Hardcore with Cazaclaws that only die if they lose their head (Literally, not figuratively) like centaurs in the "non-hardcore" version. You'll need the original Cazaclaw mod for it to work.

All three "supermutant-extended" plugins should work with any mod that returns Overlords and Behemoths to the game (As in, its features will affect them too), as long as my plugin is lower in the load order. 

This mod is a script, which means it will work with whatever textures or overhauls you're using (Unless they also add a script to vanilla ghouls/ Deathclaws. Then putting my file lower in the load order should let it win that conflict). As you can see in my screenshots, they aren't using base game's assets yet are happy to comply with the new directive all the same.

Installation: As always, drag and drop in your game folder or install with your manager, then check the esp on. ACHTUNG: Use only one esp from the four options provided.

Bugs: Sometimes, if the creature affected by the mod came back for more with one of its limbs cut off, the leftovers of that limb might be "chained' with an invisible rope to it. Unfortunately, no solution to it that I know about, you just going to have to see through the Matrix, Neo.