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A series of smaller mods I've made that aren't big enough for their own pages, or have been moved here from their own pages.

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This is a series of mods that I've made which while fully functional aren't ones that I think are big enough to get their own page, or want to provide regular support for.

These will range from small tweaks to the game, to mods I made to test out different scripting functions.

The mods on this page include:

A Very Uncreative Collection of FNC Mods - A collection of mods of Fallout: New California I made sometime ago but deleted.

A Very Uncreative HUD Preset - A preset for The HUD Editor to keep move the radiation meter to keep it from being covered from JIP Minimap

Atomic Wrangler Corner Room Tweaks - Cleans up and adds some new containers and crafting stations after completing Debt Collector.

Autumn Leaves No Startup Message Box - Turns the message box that displays on startup into a corner message.

Comically Overpowered Blade of the West - Makes Blade of the West into an overpowered weapon.

Rude Name Menu and Even Ruder Name Menu - Changes the "Enter your name" text to something more vulgar. 

Faction Recruitment Weapons - Weapons to turn NPCs into members of various factions.

Faux Permadeath - Kicks you back to the main menu after you die.

Inventory Stealer - Adds a new Weathered 10mm Pistol to steal inventories of other NPCs.

Lucky 38 Crafting Stations - Adds a workbench, reloading bench, and electric hotplate on the Lucky 38 Casino Floor.

Lucky 38 Presidential Suite Auto-Doc Mk III - Adds a usable Auto-Doc Mk III to the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.

Mick and Ralph Crier Remover - Removes the Mick and Ralph crier from the street corner in Freeside.

No More Chairmen on the 13th Floor of the Tops
- Removes the two Chairmen on the Tops 13th Floor so they will no longer go into your suite.

Securitron Alliance Event Handler - Makes Securitrons friendly after Wild Card Change in Management and House Always Wins II.

Smitty Special Name Change - Removes the (GRA) tag from The Smitty Special.

Squatting in the Lucky 38 - Makes the Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge into a small player home with a bedroll, crafting station, and some containers.

The Varstud Gun 1 & 2 - Comedy weapons.

TTW Watertype Fix - Small plugin to put at the bottom of your load order to maintain TTW's watertype fix for the Mojave Wasteland.

Utterly Useless Download Button - Changes download button to say "Utterly Useless Button"

Vault 951 Personal Preferences - This is a collection of personal edits I made to Vault 951 TTW.

You're Winner - Edits the "sYouWin" gamesetting to say "You're Winner."

Respect House's Legacy - Turns the Securitrons hostile if you haven't read House's obituary.

Transformation Chamber - Allows you to turn into a number of NPCs.

If you would like to do anything with these mods feel free to ask in the comments or DM me.

All official DLC.
New Vegas Script Extender
JohnnyGuitar NVSE
lStewieAl's Tweaks
If a file requires any other mods, it will be noted on the download page.

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