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A patched version of TheKetzku's original Immersive Pickup Sounds mod that adds a variety of sound effects for picking up numerous items. This version converts all sound effects to mono to prevent a glitch where NPC's picking up an item would play the sound effects at full volume regardless of where they were in relation to the player.

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A tweaked version of TheKetzku's Immersive Pickup Sounds mod that fixes a long standing issue of certain sound effects playing a full volume when distant NPC's pickup objects (most noticeable in the McCarran mess hall).

I've converted all of the sound effects that were in stereo to mono which, as noted by ConvenantTurtle, corrects this issue as apparently sound effects are supposed to be mono in New Vegas.

I also slightly altered the script as recommended by desertoth1 to increase compatibility with older versions of NVSE/JIP, although I don't think this issue was affecting anyone using the latest versions of those plugins.

Beyond that, this is the same mod TheKetzku created and was gracious enough to give me permission to upload my version of. Enjoy.