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Replaces the ol gangly groddy Stealth Suits from Dead Money and Old World Blues with FO4 made remakes made by the fantastic darkman32197

Permissions and credits

First and foremost, (with darkman32197 permission.) this Mod replaces the Stealth Suits of old and replaces them with darkman32197's EXCELLENT FO4 remade Stealth Suits! Check out the original Here!

There are two files available: One that adds more Stealth Suits scattered across the Mojave Wasteland and Old World Blues (Tried to put them in places that hopefully makes sense.), and the other being for lame poopy heads that only want the classic Assassin Suit and Stealth Suit Mark II replaced.

-->Replacer Version
Does what it says on the tin: only replaces the Assassin Suit from Dead Money and the OWB's Stealth Suit Mark II (no esp required.)

-->Main Version
Adds the neato paint jobs you see in the screenshots, such as the Enclave, BOS, Vault Suit and a couple more! (currently does not have any unique effects but I will come back to this and do just that, want each one to also be accompanied by unique effects.) They are all scattered across the Mojave and bits of the Big MT. (also may add the little less lore friendly items if there's enough of a demand. Didn't want to spend anymore time than I have currently and wish to deliver something in a timely matter for once.)

current known issues:
There is some very mild clipping on arm mounted pipboys (not enough to pass through it but it's mildly noticeable.)
If there are any other issues please let me know, I want this to be the best it can be! very proud and honored that this is my first publicly released mod!

darkman32197 - for his permission, model and textures (seriously man you're great!.)
Balebandr0 - for his help in learning how to rig in the first place! (Thankies from Mcspankies for dealing with my inane questions.)
nickheggo for providing the new environmental map mask! and his discord server! (really enjoy being apart of a community of like minded modders!)
Allnarta - for pointing me in the right direction to port the new GO model!