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Adds a community garden to North Vegas Square. Also adds an additional squatter camp, an outdoor grill spot, and makes it easier to walk around the entire area.

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Speaking as an Independent Vegas fan, I really like North Vegas Square. It's a tiny cell area but it has a lot of character and several points of interest, especially the quest NPCs. However a lot of the area's space is boring rubble and feels wasted. I decided to modify some objects and spruce the area up a bit.

At first I made a simple community garden, adding in an outhouse and water pump plus some food planters and fire barrels for the residents. This attempts to match the self-sufficiency theme of Outer Vegas. After this was done I poked around the ruins and decided to include some extra squatter spots for NPCs to hang out in, and generally reshuffle the layout of the area to make it more accessible and seem larger.

In my opinion the finished mod represents a subtle but interesting set of changes that all in all make the area seem more welcoming and fun, without breaking game immersion or adding anything overpowered or non-canon.

This mod may conflict with any mods that also change the North Vegas Square cell.