Fallout New Vegas
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Adds a security guard uniform to Victor's shack in Goodsprings.

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This mods adds in an improved version of my old generic security uniform. This version has both male and female comparability (though there's an issue with the hat for females), adds a duty belt, a hat and has improved textures. Uniform and hat can be found in Victor's shack in Goodsprings on a shelf to your right near the bathroom at the back.

Few things to note: The badge on the outfit seems to be somewhat unattached to the shirt, I have no idea why but i'm trying to fix it. Yes I am aware that the patch on the right shoulder is inverted, thats due to how Obsidian made their models, unfortunately I can't fix that. There's also some clipping with the male model with the belt at the back.

Please feel free to use anything from this outfit or even the outfit itself. Same goes with if you want to improve it or modify it in anyway.

Thanks for downloading (if you do) and I hope you enjoy!