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Skips the intro slides, but smoothly!

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This skips the intro slides, but smoothly.

Now, I'd wager I'll get asked why I'd make a mod like this considering there are other mods like it, LStewieAl's Tweaks has an option for it, and you can even just edit the inis. So why use this? Why even make it?

The other options out there do a stark, immediate transition to the title screen. I'm putting together a mod compilation for my partner and I just want it to look nice when they play. So I've been working on my own mod compilation to that end. I want the intro slides to be there because they cover up New Vegas setting up its stuff, and it gives MenuMode 4 (title screen) scripts a chance to sort themselves out too. That's why I don't want to just remove the slides via the ini.

If you need further demonstration of how this works? Just check out the gif. (Since I've been asked about this, the gif is the black box above "Last uploaded.")


Install the mod, activate the esp, and you're good to go.


New Vegas


Literally none, unless a mod is doing something game-breakingly bad. If you think you've found a bug with this mod then please disable all other mods to test before you report it. If you find out it's another mod doing it? I'd... recommend not using that mod. If it breaks this then it's doing something fundamentally bad.


LStewieAl's brilliant, brilliant, bloody brilliant Tweaks Mod that I swear by has an option for this, if you don't mind the stark transition.

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