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Adds navmeshes and a few edits to TrickyVein's San Fran resource.

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I've been navmeshing TrickyVein's San Fran worldspace to make it easier to use for screenshooting purposes and figured I'd upload it for anyone else who wants to use it for that purpose before I start adding non-sharable assets to it. I also added an in-game way to reach the worldspace, travel to the Mojave Outpost and activate the truck sitting by the Long 15 gate.

A few notes:

A lot of edits are made to the worldspace, as I made this for my personal screenshooting use and as such made edits to the world to reflect that. I removed the vine growth in Chinatown, cleaned up the raider-related objects on the bridge, and added some NPCs to a few areas. If you want the original, unedited version navmeshed...well, the GECK is free.

This is NOT a "functional" navmesh, I.E., not meant for actual gameplay per se. There are a lot of gaps and areas that aren't fully properly filled in. However, it allows you to bring followers with you for ease of screenarchery.

Not all building interiors are navmeshed. I focused on the outdoor worldspace, metro stations, and the Steel Palace.

A number of the Shi NPCs use the Shi Armor fron YanL's Blackjack pack, so make sure you have it installed (just the meshes and textures, not the .esp) unless you don't mind seeing floating heads walking around Chinatown and the Steel Palace.