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Adds the Type 95 Automatic Rifle from Call of Duty: Online to the game with custom sounds, attachments and leveled list integration. Credits to Activision.

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Yet another weapon port from CoD. As usual there's sounds, attachments and complete leveled list integration with enemies, merchants and containers. There's 12 weapons based on 1 gun, the Chinese Type 95 assault rifle from Call of Duty: Online. A fitting addition to the game if I say so myself. The mod features a silencer and laser sight for mods, along with 6 different optics such as an RDS, Eotech, Reflex, TAC scope, Night Vision scope and ACOG scope. The Type 95 also has a variant each with and without an angled foregrip from MW2019 with all said mods. They're set to spawn on Mercs and the like, and of course sold at the Gun Runners. Cheat footlocker is in the abandoned Goodsprings shack by the memorial site as well like always.

Credits: Activision for the Call of Duty franchise. I claim no rights to the following assets and should the mod ever have a takedown request I will gladly oblige.

Type 95 Automatic Rifle, Red Dot Sight and TAC31 Scope:
Raven Software - Call of Duty: Online

ACOG Scope, Eotech, Night Vision Scope and weapon sounds:
Beenox Games - Modern Warfare 2 Remastered 


If I'm missing anything please let me know so I may correct it. Thank you, and enjoy!