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Auto-hide your Pip-Boy while wearing power armour.

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I like the Pip-Boy 3000, I think it has an aesthetically neat design! I think that with Fallout 3, Bethesda developed a lot of aesthetically nifty things—like the Protectrons! I prefer Fallout: New Vegas as both a Fallout game and as an RPG, but I can't deny the things that Betehsda's artists did to bring the wasteland to life. One of the few disappointments for me was that the power armour looked so wimpy—I mean, yes, as far as models and textures go they nailed the look but they were these oddly lanky cousins to their Fallout 1 and 2 family members. Then along came the fantastic Titans of the New West to fix that problem.

This, however, left me with another dilemma. The Pip-Boy looks really awkward with the bulky armour, which is why that mod recommends a Pip-Boy remover. The problem is is that the other Pip-Boy removers on the Nexus almost all go with the nuclear option of just hiding the Pip-Boy unless you're using it regardless of armour. If I'm roleplaying and wearing plainclothes, though, I actually like seeing my Pip-Boy. It's very immersion-breaking to not have it there. It also tends to break the flow to have to go into some options menu to toggle something every time I changed my clothing.

The only option on the Nexus that actually hides the Pip-Boy when wearing power armour also makes the Pip-Boy model disappear in first person. So when you bring up the Pip-Boy, it's just the floating screen. It looked like a bugged Pip-Boy to me. Aesthetics matter so I didn't really have any other option than making a mod myself.

How's it Different Than the Other Mods?

It hides your Pip-Boy when you're wearing power armour. When you use your Pip-Boy in power armour? There it is. I designed it as though the wrist-guard is sliding back to show your Pip-Boy. I'm not an animator so I couldn't animate that but it does have the feel of it. And the transition from first to third person hides a lot of sins. Without fiddling with any options, you'll just be able to use your Pip-Boy in power armour, and without it looking weird.

This is also a very, very light mod, only a handful of scripts and a quest.


Install the mod, activate the esp, and you're good to go.


New Vegas


None. It's just a few small scripts and a quest to initialise them. Should be fine with everything and it should work with all non-scripted, arm-mounted Pip-Boy replacers.

It might not work if you have a heavily-scripted Pip-Boy mod, and it serves no purpose if you use a handheld Pip-Boy mod. If you're experiencing any issues, please disable all other mods and test with just mine enabled. If you find you have an issue with just mine enabled, please post a bug report. If another mod is clashing it's because they interfere with how the vanilla PIp-Boy works on such a level that it isn't really the vanilla Pip-Boy any more. There's no way my mod could be compatible with mods like that.


There's Universal Pip-Boy Customisation for the nuclear option, if you just want to be rid of seeing your Pip-Boy forever in third person. You can also use No Pip-Boy in Power Armour, if you'd prefer to not see the Pip-Boy model at all in first person.

The reason my mod exists while those exist? In the case of the former, it doesn't have an option to only hide while wearing power armour. In case of the latter, it's a clever idea to have a neurally-linked HUD but the implementation isn't there yet, it still has the CRT screen lines and flicker, and the HUD is at a weird angle, so it looks like a bugged Pip-Boy where the model is missing. Neither worked out for me. I simply just wanted the PIp-Boy to hide if I'm wearing power armour, but show if I tried to use it.

No Posts?

It's a sad thing when you get harangued by another mod author and their fans in your comments just for making something similar to what they did. I won't name names but it was... stressful. I'd rather just have the comments off. It makes my life easier and gives me peace of mind. I may re-enable them at some point in the future, but for now it's better this way.

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