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Removes level boundaries for all perks (although there still is skill, SPECIAL and Karma requirements). For players who want certain perks for roleplay character purposes.

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Couldn't see any mods with this concept so here I come.

Lets say you have a specific character build in mind like...

  • "Nuka Chemist" where you want to just spend the whole game collecting nuka colas to make Victory/Quartz but you have to wait til level 20 or so to even do that.
  • Or if you're wanting to shotgun only playthrough and just want to spec into shotguns without having to wait til level 18 to really start using them.
  • Or you want to do crafted explosive only but mad bomber perk is miles away in terms of level so you gotta play the majority of the game not killing anything.

Removal of the level cap but retaining the skill requirement gives you the opportunity to craft a more specialized build from the start without getting halfway into your playthrough to really start using your build without making it insanely easy. Essentially, all level requirements are now level 2 so now you can...

  • Go to Zion straight away with the Sneering Imperialist instead of waiting til level 8.
  • Cannibal players can get Ghastly Scavenger eariler.
  • Terrifying Presence is avaliable earlier in case you have speech 70 and want to use it in Nipton.