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Removes the troublesome rubble pile over the train tracks near Freeside's north gate that makes getting to the water pump (a vital hardcore mode object) completely arduous and annoying. This changes the water pump's location from a cul de sac to a loop in the vanilla game by removing collision markers and the rubble.

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Entering Freeside's north gate to get a drink in hardcore mode is often a great idea, especially once you've helped out Jacob Hoff for the Followers and got free access to the pipe. But woe betide any plucky Courier who decides to fast travel to the gate and walk to the pump quickly and easily, because the devs added a totally useless rubble pile in the way, plus collision markers - meaning in the base game it won't even help removing the rubble with the disable command. This mod fixes that, so now you can waddle your lazy behind to the pump directly and gorge yourself on water, plus scrutinize the pre-war railroad tracks to boot. Lucky you.

This mod doesn't change anything in Freeside Open. If you have Freeside Open, that mod already removes the collision markers around the rubble, meaning the rubble can quickly be removed ingame with the console using the disable command - so this mod is only really useful for those who don't use Freeside Open. Personally I believe they should incorporate this change into that mod, because it makes Freeside arguably more open. Go figure.

*** Thanks to everyone who downloaded this is my 2nd mod and first terrain change mod ***