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Track your progress in both wastelands with this handy Excel spreadsheet.

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After my 100% run (unfinished yet) in Oblivion, I was heavily inspired by Ultimate Oblivion Checklist mod and went for a completionist walkthrough for Fallout, using Tale of Two Wastelands mod.

To my avail, nothing comprehensive of that sort has been done in all these years.

Finally, I had some much needed time for that after I went down with Chinese flu (thanks, Corona-chan).

Overall it took me a whole week from 9 to 5 to get this done.

Technical details

This is a .xlsx format table.
I've made this file in Excel 2019, it should be working with previous Excel versions.
It also technically works with OpenOffice Calc, although it doesn't look as intended.

Do not forgot to enable editing when opening the file for the first time.

This version doesn't use macro and flags for better compatibility (and because it would be very messy to edit mid-way, not to mention it wouldn't support grouping).

Here's how to use it:

You need to manually put a check in appropriate column in legalpad-coloured cells.

By default:
"0" - not yet achieved, displaying red mark.
"1" - achieved, displaying green checkmark ().

If you decide to empty an input cell (by pressing "delete" button) or put any text string in it (e.g. "failed", "missed", "ignoring"), this will exclude the cell from the calculation.

If you try to put any other number beside "0" or "1" in these cells, you'll frak up the calculation and the error message will be displayed.

For "in progress" commentary use other columns.

What it contains:
All quests (both marked and unmarked)
Snow globes
Recruitable companions and their quests
Diggable graves
Special perks
Unarmed moves
Skill books (FNV and its DLC only, there are too much of them in FO3)
Challenges (including TTW added in separate worksheet)
Other special collectables (like intel cases in Operation: Anchorage DLC or Behemoth mutants in Capital Wasteland).

What it does not contain:
Unique weapons and apparel.
Common weapons and apparel.
Random encounters.
Wild Wasteland added encounters.
Quest rewards (with some exceptions).
Achievements (Steam, X-box).
Some odd collectibles, current list:


Bigger chunk of the info was taken from Fallout Wiki and I put most of descriptions myself, while trying to keep most of the hints somewhat vague and mentioning only starting points for the majority of the quests.

Pinkie Pie picture was taken on DeviantArt.

Original version of the second picture (which I edited) and its author on Instagram.

Known issues
None so far. Please, post your comments.
I play heavily modded game that could edit some things.

Any donations are gratefully received.
Most of all remember - have fun!
And let us know if you reach 100%!

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