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This is my rendition of Better HD 2K textures for the Ammo Boxes in New Vegas, as the originals were 256x256. : (

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I was saddened by the fact that Bethesda rushed Obsidian to make New Vegas and in the process we were shorted on some detailed art and many bugfixes. My Digital Art has gotten well enough to make this attempt. I noticed that all the vanilla textures for the boxed ammo were 256x256, and so for the longest time I just used PM's HD Ammo. After experiencing that level of art applied to the ammo boxes I thought to my self, I really want to make a re-texture and take some of my own artistic liberties while basically staying in-line with the original vanilla artist's concept. 

This mod is intended as a replacer and does "NOT" add new ammo types to the game. This should also be compatible with (TTW) as is, just install this through your mod organizer. A manual installation is possible as well. Simply place the Meshes and Textures folders in the Data folder of your Fallout New Vegas game directory. I used meshes for 3 of the ammo types from Honest Hearts as they now have different normal maps than the originals. the ammo types are .45 auto +p, .45 auto sup and .45 auto hp. Now all the texture Resolution is  set to 2048x2048 which is also increase in size by 8 fold. I also retextured the .45 auto +p as a original texture be cause I was tormented by the vanilla and absolutely refused to remaster it's original concept.

 I would like to publicly thank PM for inspiring me to do my own versions. It took me 1 month and a week of drawing in increments after getting off work at night. So I hope you all like the mod. And if you don't like it, my personal suggestion obviously would be to download PM's HD Ammo Boxes. Thank You and Enjoy!

Please don't hesitate to let me know of any errors as this is how I will correct them.
Suggestions and Comments Always Welcome!

Now Optional UPDATE: Swapped out the Assault Rifle Magazine and gave a 5.56mm Circle G cardboard ammo box like the one in Fallout 4.
UPDATE 1.1 Fixed the 10mm font where it was missing.   (Refer to Change Log.)
P.S.  If some one has an ENB running would anyone be willing to post a pic for the crowd? Please and Thank You!