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Desmond Hume's Jumpsuit from ABC's TV Drama series, LOST.

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Dedicated to my brother for introducing me to the world of Fallout as well as the hit TV series, LOST.

This mod adds Desmond Hume's Jumpsuit to the upstairs apartment bathroom of the Nipton General Store. Along with Desmond's remains and Penelope Widmore's note on the bed opposite the bathroom.
The Jumpsuit has a DT of 6 as well as +5 to Guns and Survival and +2 to Endurance. 

The positioning of the Dharma Initiative logo is slightly higher compared to the one featured in the show. This was to minimalize creasing when aiming, moving etc. 
There is only a male variant of the suit. I did try to make a female variant but, again, the positioning of the logo proved somewhat difficult. Sorry gals!

The suit was first introduced in Season 2, Episode 1 (Man of Faith Man of Science). It was the standard issued uniform for all Dharma Initiative personnel on the Island. Unlike the ones seen in later seasons, Desmond's Jumpsuit had zipped pockets without a name or job title embroidered on the pocket.
The gun that Desmond is seen using in the show can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39938

Fun fact: The numbers that Desmond types into a terminal every 108 minutes in the show is actually broadcasted on the NCR radio during the second battle of Hoover Dam. 

This is my first mod so please, go easy on me! feedback would be great!