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This mod lets you choose between four different HUD Presets for IntenseMute's great "The HUD Editor".

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I have created four different HUD Presets (for now with my own font mix, you can easily change that if you don't want Classic Fallout font):
1. Vanilla HUD Plus: Basically Vanilla in all its glory, edited the proportions and ordered them to be a bit less centered, therefore make more space.
2. Smaller Vanilla HUD Plus: The same as 1 just with smaller scales, making even more space.
3. Minimalistic HUD: Removed brackets and unnecessary HUD elements, reordered some stuff.
4. VERY Minimalistic HUD: The ultimate challenge! If you want only the gist of the HUD, use this! If you want even less you can hide the HP and AP bar but with oHUD it's a bit unnecessary.
NEW! 5. FO4 Style HUD: Anyone who played FO4 should know how this will look.

This goes great with oHUD and VUI+. It could be that VUI+ is required to make it work, since I'm using it and HUD Editor has a built in Patch to make the Editor work with but I'm not sure.

To install the mod, create a folder inside your NEw Vegas Data Folder (if you install it manually) or do it in MO2 with the name "config". There the folder "TheHudEditor" needs to go.

Bethesda - For publishing this game and introducing me to Fallout through Fallout 3.
Obsidian - For making this awesome game.
IntenseMute - For The HUD Editor
Axonis - For Vanilla UI Plus
Gopher - For oHUD / immersive HUD

If you like this mod, please consider endorsing it. And check out my other mods if you like!

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