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Sortomatic enabled for all vanilla player houses in Tale of Two Wastelands. Now for TTW 3.2.2

Permissions and credits
This is an version of Khundiann's TTW Player Housing Sortomatic updated for A Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2.2. Khundiann's original mod description below:

This mod enables the sortomatic sorting system on all vanilla player houses in Tale of Two Wastelands. It also makes 2 more locations viable as player house. Since I moved stuff around in the houses to add crafting stations, the sortomatic consoles and extra storage, It will most certainly not work or even conflict with any mod that changes the interiors of the houses, anything else is fine.


  1. Tale of Two Wastelands
  2. TTWFixes *No longer needed*
  3. SortoMatic Modders Resource
  4. New Vegas Script Extender *Link to xNVSE*

Sortomatic enabled houses

  1. Megaton House
  2. Tenpenny Tower Suite
  3. Kenny's Cave (crafting stations are locked until you complete the quest, you will get a key that unlocks everything)
  4. Dino Dee-lite Motel Room in Novac
  5. Lucky 38 Presidential Suite (additional upgrades can be bought from the terminal)
  6. The Tops Presidential Suite
  7. The Tops High Roller Suite
  8. Bon Vivant Suite in the Ultra-Luxe
  9. Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
  10. Followers of the Apocalypse Safehouse
  11. Caesar's Legion Safehouse
  12. NCR Ranger Safehouse
  13. The Sink
  14. The Atomic Wrangler Corner Room (Ownership for everything in the room now correctly changes upon completing the quest)
  15. The Ultra-Luxe Penthouse (Obtaining Mortimer his key, and killing him or making him flee New Vegas grants ownership of his penthouse)

Known Issues:

When you notice for example, being able to clip through a workbench and not able to interact with it, you probably have a mod running that changes their mesh.
(reported on the bugtracker by mdbakpo and Mortemim, cause found and solved by Mortemim.)

Some items may seem to get lost when sorting with default destinations, these items are not lost. They are ingredients in crafting recipes and get sorted into the crafting station that owns the crafting recipe. If this bothers you, access the crafting stations while sneaking and remove the Default Destinations (DD's) on them.
(reported on the bug tracker by Metlearm with stimpacks, stimpacks ended up in the workbench)

The default sorting is handled by the Sortomatic resource, there is probably little I can do about the issue. If I were to change anything to the inner workings of the resource in my mod, chances are very high it might break other mods that use the resource too. Looking into it, will fix if possible.

A big thanks goes out to!

  • tunaisafish for creating the Sortomatic modders resource
  • Gribbleshnibit8 for creating the Sortomatic modders resource and putting up with my questions
  • The whole TTW team, and RoyBatty specially for putting up with my questions
  • The whole NVSE team as always

*This is Khundiann's mod, and I did reach out to them for permission. Unfortunately they haven't been active in almost a year at the time this is being published and I have not received a response after 2 weeks. I will delete this at their request. I just wanted to share with my brothers & sisters enjoying TTW as much as I am in this, the year of the plague.*