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Restores dialogue related to winning and losing at Caravan.

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Restored Caravan Dialogue

Restores dialogue related to winning and losing at Caravan.

When you finish a game of Caravan, whether you win or lose, your opponent wordlessly cuts off communication and goes about their business, unfazed by the result of the game.  But originally, it was intended that Caravan opponents would comment on the game, and typically offer a rematch.  That's what this mod restores.  Not all Caravan players have this extra dialogue, but most do.

It's an easy guess that this dialogue was never finalized because they decided most players would prefer the fluidity of exiting conversation immediately.

This mod is compatible with both Brave New World and More Caravan Players - Restored.  In the latter case, be sure to grab the appropriate version of the mod.

Caveat: I've occasionally experienced issues with the Caravan menu appearing as instructed, when choosing a rematch.  If this proves to be a consistent issue, I will put in some brute force countermeasures.  I'll probably do that anyway.

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