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Get new trait "Bookworm" and lose half skill points you get from level ups. In return, skill books will give you double skill points.

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New trait "Bookworm" halves skill points your character gain during level ups but skill books give her/him double amount of skill points in their respective skills. "Comprehension" Perk bonus is quadropled as well with this trait. You can get up to 10 skill points from any skill book.

Additionally, any bookworm character can assemble S.M.A.R.T. Blaster Pistol:
  • Intelligence-scaled bonus damage - the smarter you are, the more powerful this sidearm will be;
  • Ignores 15 DT, separate bonus from ammunition bonuses.
  • Two add-ons: Micro Accelerator improves speed of blaster bolts while Enhanced Capacitor increases damage by 20 points.

Additionally, if your character has Good Natured trait you will be able to create Stimpak-X, an experimental medicine (yes, it means that its effects scales with medicine):
  • Heals 2 HP for 150 sec;
  • Increases DR by 10 points for 150 sec.