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Gain ownership over the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse after completing Beyond the Beef.

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This mod grants you ownership over the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse once you either complete or fail Beyond the Beef. The cell will become owned by the PlayerFaction and the key will be enabled upon completion of the quest. It is at the desk where you find Mortimer.

I made this mod to test out the new event handlers that were added in JohnnyGuitar recently. The mod will also do a one time check to see if you have completed or failed the quest, and will apply the change appropriate. This is so the mod will work retroactively. If you have not completed the quest yet, JG's event handlers will take over and trigger once the quest is completed.

New Vegas Script Extender
JohnnyGuitar NVSE

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TrueCourierSix (c6), lStewieAl, and carxt for JohnnyGuitar NVSE and its event handlers which proved useful in making this mod.
KiCHo666 (MadAce) for trying to convince me I couldn't get this done and allowing me to prove him wrong.
c6 (again) and Demorome for their useful advice to improve my terrible scripting and implementations and helping me turn the files into one thing. You guys rock!
c6 (yet again) for pointing out a typo in the changelog.
Eddoursul for the JIP LN NVSE Script Runner introduction which proved helpful in getting rid of the quest script for the event handler.