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Integrates various DLC items into the game based on choices you made during the DLCs. Completely scripted and comes with a configurable ini. Requires JIP LN and JohnnyGuitar NVSE. Now with non-ending based integration version!

Permissions and credits
This mod integrates various DLC items into the game based upon choices you made during the DLCs. It does this by adding the items to leveled lists in both the base game and the DLCs through scripts. I have also included an ini to customize which items you want or don't want integrated into the game. By default, all items that I included are integrated.

Items, other than Gun Runners' Arsenal weapons, which are integrated at game start, are not integrated until the main questline of the DLC is complete. I would recommend waiting 3 days after the completion of the DLC (or after starting the game for the GRA weapons) in order for vendors to refresh their inventory, which makes them pull from the leveled lists again.

I tried to keep the weapon integration as lore-friendly and as balanced as possible. I placed weapons and consumables in leveled lists that corresponded to similarly powerful weapons. The tin grenade, for example, was added to leveled lists similar to the frag grenade, as they do comparable damage.

Please report any bugs you come across, as I have not had the time to fully playtest all possible outcomes. Also, feel free to let me know if you have any issues or enhancements you would like to see!

Integrated Items

Here are the items I chose to integrate into the game. Please check the articles tab if you want to see the specific leveled lists they were integrated into (currently not finished).

Dead Money:
Automatic rifle and its mod, bear trap fist and its mods, cosmic knife, demolition charge, gas bomb, knife spear, police pistol, and throwing knife spear
New in v1.1: Ghost sight and Sierra Madre Martini

Honest Hearts:
.45 auto pistol and its mods, .45 auto SMG and its mods, .45 auto ammo, fire bomb, tomahawk, war club and its mods, Yao Guai gauntlet, black coffee, blood shield, datura antivenom, datura hide, daturana, healing poultice, weapon binding ritual, wasteland tequila, and large wasteland tequila

Old World Blues:
Patient gown, scientist scrubs, scientist glove, proton axe, proton throwing axe, saturnite fist, LAER and its mods

Lonesome Road:
Breathing mask, riot gear and its helmet, US Army combat armor, auto-inject stimpak, auto-inject superstimpak, fiery purgative, MRE, arc welder, bowie knife, flare gun, flash bang, H&H Tools nail gun, nails, satchel charge, shoulder mounted machine gun and its mods, rockets, and Red Glare's mods
New in v1.1: Industrial hand

Gun Runners' Arsenal:
25mm grenade APW, 5.56mm pistol, battle rifle, fat mine, katana, MFC cluster, MFC grenade, nuka grenade, time bomb, high yield, and tin grenade

DLC Choice Effects

Depending on the choices you make in the DLCs, weapons will appear more or less frequently in-game than normal. I tried to keep my choices logical based on information from the game; for example, you may be seeing fewer weapons and consumables if you decide to off the White Legs in Honest Hearts! I do want to keep the choices a surprise for the player, but if you're curious I supplied the effects and my logic in the articles tab.

Requirements and Instructions

As should be obvious, this requires all of the DLCs besides the Courier's Stash. I also used functions from JIP LN NVSE and JohnnyGuitar NVSE, so you do need those utilities to run this properly. I designed this mod to be easily installed and removed, so it is safe to add and remove mid-save (though you may have to wait three in-game days to refresh vendor inventories)! The ini is located in the Config folder with the filename DLCIntegration.ini