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Version 4 is a big update. Cats spawn less frequent and attack each other (housecats vs wildcats).

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This mod adds straycats all over the wasteland. They spawn in most settlements.
They are merely there for decoration, that is they don't do very much except
walking around and meowing, just like any cat would do. The cats are friendly
and you are not supposed to shoot them. If you do you will burn in hell

- There are three cat models: grey, tan, and black.
- One bigger grey "Wildcat"
- Cats are non-agressive, but the Wildcat has some spunk but is also cautious.
- The Wildcat can sometimes be seen fighting with other cats.
- Idle meows and purrs, hit screeches, and death screams for all cats.
- Cats spawn in most, if not all settlements.


There is a record for a white cat included but I removed it from the leveled
lists, because the texture for that model is blindingly white.

The cats use the vanilla dog animations.

Getting the sounds right was torture. There is no consistency in the
implementation of sound in this game. Some sounds are baked into the animation
files. For instance the h2aim.kf file contains a pointer to the vanilla dog
growl and this can not be overridden with GECK. So I initially had growling
cats. The only way around this was to edit the pointer in NifSkope to point to
a cat sound record which should be created beforehand in GECK. The GECK
AudioTemplates for creatures should in theory be able to override the sounds
embedded in the animation files but that doesn't always work. The fleeing sounds
could only be created with combat dialogue in a quest.

As you can see this is a godawful mess. It cost me days of trial and error but
at least it works now. If anyone has any advice on how to add sounds to
creatures in a simpler manner and without editing animation files then please
PM me.

Thanks to rjhelms84 for letting me include his cat models.


Rex the Cat
Alchestbreachs' Cat Harvey
Chumpkins the Cat Companion
Panther the Cat
Tameable Stray Cat
Postal Cat Silencers