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Adds effects to several aid and chem items that affect your hardcore needs mostly in a negative way; stimpaks for example will make you a bit thirsty and sleepy. Inspired by FO4 survival mode but not exactly the same. Fully compatible, no vanilla records edited. Support for sawyerbatty, jsawyer and JSaywer Ultimate.

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Hardcore Chems - Detrimental chem effects

What is this
This mod makes chems like Stimpaks, Radaway or Jet hurt some of your needs. On the other hand, some chems now help you fight sleep deprivation.

Quick overview: Stimpaks and Radaway will make you thirsty and hungry respectively. Both will also make you sleepy, same goes for most drugs save for the ones that actually wake you up like Jet or Mentats.

Detailed effects here.
Notice that in the pipboy, detrimental needs will show has positive (+100 H2O) while being detrimental. This means you are getting 100 damage to
your hydration, at 1000 you ded.

Why is this
Because I'm always looking to enhance the difficulty of my game and Fallout 4 did some things right. That said, the type and strength of this effects have been engineered by me, with fun and balance in mind. Vanilla beneficial values have been taken as a guide, but changes to these will not affect Hardcore Chems.

How is this
The mod adds new effects using cool functions from JIPLN. It detects jsawyer, JSawyer Ultimate or sawyerbatty and adds effects to their stimpak variations as well. It does not modify any value from the items. Only one script that runs one time per session. It is safe to install and uninstall mid playthrough.

To install: Use a mod manager or just drop the plugin into your New Vegas Data folder.
Requires Lonesome Road
Requires NVSE (silverlock version will work too)
Requires JIP LN NVSE
Does not require any jsawyer mod

Note: JIP LN NVSE comes with a fix for negative hardcore needs (enabled by default). Do not disable this, or you may end up with your sleep deprivation below 0.

There is one problem: Sometimes, a chem effect will get stuck on your save somehow and appear when you load a save for the first time. Reloading that save fixes the issue. I haven't found the cause of this, and it seems to be a problem with the game engine, as making a clean save does not fix the problem. Removing the mod will remove the mod effects, as it should.

A workaround has been added in recent version but it comes with a downside; On the first game load, recently taken chems will be removed from your character. This can be avoided by reloading that save. The fix will run for 6 seconds, so chems taken on the first 6 second after the first load will also be removed.

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