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Replaces Vance's 9mm SMG with an MP 40/ MP 41 Submachine Gun. Also adds weapon mods.

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Replaces what is arguably the worst unique weapon in all of New Vegas with a new model to give players a reason to actually acquire/keep Vance's 9mm SMG.

Includes Weapon Mods to modifiy the appereance/stats of the gun:

- 9mm SMG Drums: Doubles Magazine Capacity and adds a second magazine. Based on the experimental Dual-Mag MP 40/I.

- 9mm SMG Light Bolt: Increases Rate of Fire slightly and changes the SMG's appereance to a MP 41

Also the gun deals a little more damage at the cost of a greatly reduced Rate of Fire.

Made with Nifskope ad Blender.

yes i know the mag is on the wrong side 
i noticed too late ok