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Makes the Big MT Inhabitants fight each other. Lobotomites, skeletons, monsters and robots clash!

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Simply changes the "Friend" relationship between members of the NVDLC03BigEmptyEnemyFaction to "Neutral", making different factions fight each other.

Lobotomites, Skeletons, Nightstalkers, Cazadors, and Robots(Including Roboscorpions and Cyberdogs) will now fight when they meet different faction members. This may result in easier looting and less hazardous exploration, but I found the extra action more enjoyable and chaotic.

I am unsure if this might mess up any quests such as the experiments, but in my brief check they seemed alright. Let me know if you find anything!

Also, by default the Skeletons are hostile to fellow robots. I may make an optional file that changes this later.

Enjoy your more chaotic crater!