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Adds a 10mm Pistol that allows you to swipe inventories of NPCs.

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This is a mod I made to learn how to make event handlers using NVSE.

This mod adds a weathered 10mm pistol that will steal entire inventories of NPCs. It will be added automatically as a quest item so you don't lose it.

It doesn't work on every actor. There are a few exceptions:

Children - For obvious reasons.
Companions - Base game and DLC only.
Any creature - For now. Until I can figure out how to only make it work on Ghouls and Super Mutants.

Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road
Courier's Stash
New Vegas Script Extender - Version 5.1.6 or later.


Demorome - For helping me figure out how to make an event handler which made this mod possible.