Fallout New Vegas
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society for the preservation of dental swag

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infuse every human character's bottom row of chompers with a copious amount of swag. cube-mapped, retextured teeth for your flexing pleasure. not even soulja has this kinda swag.

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gimme what you got for a porkchop
~howard bailey, philosopher and writer

as a long-time researcher of swag-related lifestyles, this quote has long fascinated me. the unbridled swag present in every syllable is jaw-dropping. but it wasn't until after I heard this grand quote once again just recently that I decided to channel my creative abilities into something that could outlet the sheer swag I had just re-experienced. this was the result.

in all seriousness, I threw this together in about 10 minutes for a stupid joke. thought maybe one of you lot could find a use for it, so here it is.

this mod contains
1. a simple, very minor retexture of the human (non-ghoul, non-raider) bottom teeth texture to darken them and make them a bit more yellow.
2. a shiny environment (cube) map added to the bottom teeth mesh. the environment map will darken accordingly in dark areas, so you hopefully won't see glowing teeth.
3. a simple environment mask so you won't have shiny gums.

everything here is free to use, in case you find some kinda use for it. no cred required. don't really want my name attached to this tbh.