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Adds a wide variety of new ammo types for rifle and handgun calibers based upon various real-life sources and rebalances most existing ammo types and hand load recipes in those calibers in order to fit the new balancing scheme. Hand load recipes are now sorted into two tiers, with an additional perk required to gain access to the higher tier.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a variety of new ammo types for the following calibers: 10mm, 12.7mm, 9mm, .22LR, .50 MG, .308/7.62mm, .223/5.56mm, .357 Magnum/.38 Special, .44 Magnum/.44 Special, .45-70 Gov't, 5mm (or 5.7mm with an alternate version), and .45 ACP (with DLCs).

It also rebalances most base game hand load or otherwise special ammo types in order to fit them into the new balancing scheme. With such a wide variety of ammo, most (but not all) types now have some effect on damage, accuracy, and condition. Some types also have an effect on enemy DT. These effects are based partially on what the bullet type is designed to do in real life, but with balancing in mind. It gives the player a number of factors to consider when choosing what ammo type to use. The goal of balancing was to ensure that none of the ammo types can be considered wholly inferior or useless.

With this in mind, many hand load recipes have also been rebalanced. It requires considerable skill and greater amounts of powder & lead to create the most powerful hand load types included in the mod. Hand load recipes are now in two distinct tiers. The lower tier (including JHP, JFP, and +P ammo types) is unlocked with the existing Hand Loader perk. The higher tier (JSP, SWC, +P+, and Match) require a new perk called Ballistics Expert. This perk also comes with a small permanent boost to both accuracy with Guns and hull/case recovery chance.

Because one of the goals of this mod was to eliminate useless ammunition types, certain ammo types such as but not limited to the .223 Round, the .38 Special Round, and the .44 Special Round now have an accuracy bonus as well. You will also now get cases for firing these rounds which you can use to make more, if you like them. New Vegas already has an example of lowered recoil imparting higher accuracy (the Compensator weapon mod reduces spread), so I felt comfortable doing this. Hollow point ammo types also have had their DT penalties reduced, within reason.

In addition to all this, every single rifle and handgun ammo type now has an accurate projectile model for use in those bullet-cam VATS moments and/or for anyone who has another mod that adds bullet time or something similar. This means that there are also new projectiles for both .308/7.62mm (which just used 5.56mm bullets in the base game) and .45 ACP (which did not have a projectile anywhere near correct, as it used the .45-70 Gov't projectile). I have also changed the auto tracer projectile to generate a tracer 100% of the time (as it was firing 7.62mm bullets when not generating a tracer, which makes no sense, and I didn't want to change the projectile for every gun that uses it). However, I have also 'darkened' the standard tracer to make this much less noticeable/annoying. The point is, when the killcam follows your hollow point bullet, it will look like a hollow point bullet, etc. Every ammo type also has a unique ammo box texture now as well. 5mm (or 5.7mm) and 5.56mm have new ammo box models.

I have also balanced the value (in caps) of each ammo type. There are no more worthless ammo types for rifle and handgun calibers. It didn't make sense to me that any working ammo would be totally worthless in the wasteland. Unfortunately, it's impossible to assign ammo a decimal value, so you might be of the opinion that some ammo types, such as .22LR, are overvalued. To help mitigate this, the "standard" .22LR is now "High Velocity," and "Plinking" has been replaced with regular .22LR Rounds (again, the goal was to get rid of things that are completely useless). Also, ammo types (other than the plain rounds) are now either hand loaded or purchasable, never both, as it was too difficult to balance the value of craftable ammo types that were also available for purchase.

The hand load ammo types are JHP, JFP, +P, Match, JSP, SWC, +P+, SJFP, and SJHP. All other ammo types are available for purchase.

Also, Jules' note that normally unlocks .44 Magnum SWC crafting now unlocks every SWC ammo type.

Because this mod adds so many more special ammo types, it means that the Gun Runners' store has a TON of ammo available. With the value rebalancing that I did, maybe it won't matter because much of the ammo is now generally more expensive. With that in mind, I hope this won't mess up the ammo availability balancing in the game too much. The store had plenty of ammo as it was for any customer with plenty of caps, so maybe it'll be fine. Let me know.

The ammo types included in this mod are based upon their actual availability for purchase in real life on a certain retailer's online store, as well as several historical/military ammunition rabbit holes that I went down, plus some novelty items (like the .22LR and 9mm Incendiary). Maybe some of the ammo types I included do exist for calibers that I didn't add them for, but they didn't pop up in my search. And at a certain point, I had worked on this mod for so long that I decided to stop myself from searching and going down any more rabbit holes. I just had to finish this thing and move on. I'll also be getting to shotguns later, but I'll be updating my other mod, 20 Gauge GRA Ammo and More Shotgun Ammo, for that.

In the future, I plan to release a version of this mod where some of the new ammo types are only obtainable by purchasing them from a new NPC vendor who will stock weird ammo types and lots of weapon mods that are hard to find. I don't know the ins and outs of doing that yet, though, so for now all of the purchasable types are in the standard leveled lists.

Inspirations for various new ammo types:

10mm: JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point), JSP (Jacketed Soft Point), JFP (Jacketed Flat Point), Fluted, HP (Hollow Point), TC (Truncated Cone), SWC (Semi-Wadcutter)
9mm: AP (Armor Piercing), Incendiary, +P+, JHP, JSP, JFP, +P, Fluted, HP, TC, Tracer
.50 MG: AP, Incendiary, Explosive, Tracer, Match, CEP (Controlled Effect Projectile)
.22LR: HP, HV (High Velocity), TC, TCHP (Truncated Cone Hollow Point), Tracer, Incendiary
12.7mm: JHP, JSP, JFP, Fluted, HP
.308/7.62mm: JHP, JSP, Match, AP, HP, Incendiary, Tracer, Surplus, Duplex (2x projectile)
5mm: JHP, Tracer, Surplus, AP, HP, PFP (Plated Flat Point)
.357 Magnum/.38 Special: JHP, JSP, JFP, SWC, +P, WC (Wadcutter), Fluted, HP, TC, Tracer, SWHP (Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point), AP, Lethal Bean Bag, CEP
.44 Magnum/.44 Special: JHP, JSP, JFP, SWC, +P, Fluted, HP, TCSP (Truncated Cone Soft Point), WC, Tracer, MP (Multiple Projectile), +P+, SWHP, AP
.45-70 Gov't: JHP, SJFP (Semi-Jacketed Flat Point), SWC, +P, HP, MP
.223/5.56mm: JHP, JSP, Match, AP, HP, Incendiary, Tracer, Surplus, PFP
.45 Auto: JHP, JFP, SJHP (Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point), SWC, Fluted, HP, TC, Tracer, MP, AP


Note: some ammo types listed above are already present in the unmodded game. This is a comprehensive list of what is already there, plus what I added. The item ID list below only includes item IDs from my plugin (i.e. ammo types that are newly added).


Note: due to various leveled list/balancing problems (namely, ensuring that certain ammo types can only be crafted or bought, never both), 9mm Tracer uses the Form ID of 9mm +P from the base game, .45 Auto Truncated Cone uses the Form ID of .45 Auto +P from Honest Hearts, and 5mm JHP uses the form ID of 5mm JSP from Gun Runners' Arsenal (DLCs version only).

Versions are available either for use with the base game, or with the DLCs. The base game version is kind of weird because it just has everything except the few GRA ammo types.

The fluted bullets don't look all that great because I did the whole thing by modifying existing projectiles.

Please report anything else you find in the comments.

This mod has a number of conflicts. It will conflict with any mod that relies on editing the base game projectiles for the included calibers, since the mod adds a whole bunch more for accuracy's sake. It will also conflict with anything that edits the various ammo types rebalanced by this mod, as well as their respective recipes. The non-NVSE DLC versions will conflict with anything that edits the .45 Auto Pistol. There are a few additional conflicts with edits of: miscellaneous items (ammo boxes for various surplus types), the SWC hand load schematics note, the Hand Loader perk, and the cut content Spicy Casserole perk (I had to use this for Ballistics Expert to avoid creating headaches of titanic proportions for compatibility with some of my other mods, but I can't imagine anyone would restore this useless perk because its effect could be accomplished just fine with a note). This mod does not directly edit any leveled lists or form lists.

Don't use my mods 5mm to 5.7mm Full Rename or .308 to 7.62mm Full Rename with New Texture together with this mod. They conflict, and this mod accomplishes what they set out to do much better anyway.

Because of the various balancing challenges with this mod, I am unable/unwilling to create a version that only adds the new ammo types without modifying existing ones. It just wouldn't make much sense, unfortunately. If you really want, you can take a crack at it with the modder's resource included in Miscellaneous Files, or use these projectiles in your own mods.

The "5.7mm" versions change the name of all 5mm items/recipes/textures to 5.7mm. It has always seemed to me like the closest real-life cartridge because of the inherent armor-piercing capabilities.

The "NVSE" versions require New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) and are provided to change the .45 Auto Pistol's default projectile to the new, proper .45 Auto projectile without editing the weapon form.

Only download ONE of the six files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. To uninstall, delete the mod's files (.esp, meshes, and textures) or uninstall using a mod manager.

I have made a lot of mods. Because I like to create different versions to give the user plenty of options, it's extremely difficult for me to bundle my mods together. I recommend getting the FNV Mod Limit Fix by iranrmrf, or try using a tool like Merge Plugins by Mator.

Finally, I would like to thank DevastatinDave for the 12.7mm ammo icon fix.