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bitchcussidy fume0101 amsoho75gr stagierkane micalov

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more firearm models for you to use in your mods

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Contains Models for:

- A Japanese Arisaka Type 4 Garand Battle Rifle (credit of concept to amsoho75gr found here)

- A Chauchat Mle 1918 Automatic Rifle

- An Upgraded XM-177 with a Scope and a cosmetic flashlight

- A Homemade Semi Auto Shotgun (credit of concept to amsoho75gr found here)

- A Luger Carbine with Drum Magazine

- An M16 with cosmetic M203 Grenade Launcher (credit of some assets to fume0101, found here)

- A remastered M16 Masterkey Configuration, based on the one shown in Predator (1987)

- An M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle (credit of concept to amsoho75gr, found here)

- A Thompson Auto Carbine, chambered in .30 Carbine

- A French RIbeyrolles Automatic Carbine, including a fixed version with Red Dot (for historical accuracy), bayonet and bipod (credit for red dot to user826, found here)

- An FN SCAR-H Battle Rifle (Credit of some assets to stagierkane, found here)

- A Winchester 1895 Lever Action Rifle, including a scoped version with bayonet

- An LAR Grizzly Win Mag Pistol, inclufing an upgraded version with compensator

- A generic Military Bolt Action Rifle, including a carbine version with extended magazine and scope (credit of concept to amsoho75gr, found here)

- A 1941 Johnson Semi Automatic Rifle (now fixed with reciprocating barrel)

-A Mk12 Mod 0 Special Purpose Rifle with functioning Red Dot sight on the scope (credit of literal Red Dot to user826, found here)

- A DeLisle Silenced Carbine (credit of original assets to Micalov found here)

- A No.5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine (credit of original assets to Micalov found here)

-An SR-25 Designated Marksman Rifle, including a scoped suppressed version

Requires Meshes and textures from Dead Money, Honest Hearts and GRA, as well as textures from WRP.