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Modifies the Dine and Dash perk into Dine or Dash, skipping the eating animation when you choose to "Dash" since you don't gain anything from eating.

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A long time ago I thought the "Dine and Dash" option from the perk meant that your character would just take some human remains and leave, but yet they still do the animation even though you don't gain any health from doing so, so at that point it's just a time waster. You could argue the animation still plays as showing your character taking the human remains, but if that was the case I feel they would've made a different animation altogether where they don't put it into their mouth.

This mod skips the eating animation from the "Dine and Dash" perk, now called "Dine or Dash" since you're no longer eating the corpse and taking some with you. Now you just take some with you.

You may ask, well at this point why not just choose "Dash" every time since it's basically just faster altogether now? And the answer is... idk, challenges? The only real difference is that in Hardcore Mode, human remains restores less hunger than feeding on-the-spot so... there's that I guess.

Something cool I decided to add was that if you just have the Cannibal perk, the text will still read "Devour" like normal, but if you have the "Dine or Dash" perk, the text will change to "Dine" instead of "Devour", and "Dash" instead of "Dine and Dash" since you don't dine anymore.