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A Cyber Affair is a mod that restores Obsidian's cut seduction/Black Widow route that allows the Courier to seduce Mr. House in order to kill him without fighting off his Securitrons.

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Voice of Marilyn : Alexxandra Macedo
Special Thanks to the Wild Card Network & the Creator's Network


New Vegas has a lot of cut content, i.e. planned material that never made it into the final game. One instance of this is the Mr. House seduction route. Obsidian had initially planned to allow the player, (if playing as a female), to seduce Mr. House in order to gain access to his "secret area" in the Lucky 38 Penthouse where they would have easy access to the antechamber where his body is kept. This would allow the player to easily assassinate him if playing the wild card route, the NCR route, or the Legion route. For whatever reason, Obsidian cut this from the game. However, they left behind a lot of their work. Bits of code here and there, a POD that the player would get into to do the robo hanky panky with Mr. House...well, fret no more. This mod restores the route.

I have also restored the cut character of Marilyn! Marilyn is a second female Securitron who is a part of Mr. House's "harem". In the vanilla game, Mr. House only has one robot girlfriend named Jane, but initially he was supposed to have two. For whatever reason, Marilyn was cut from the final game. She is now present again and fully voiced!

Vortex Compatible!

: If you have played my previous work like the Joshua Graham Romance Mod (Zion's Fire), this is NOT a romance mod! This mod is purely for restoration purposes. You won't be taking long romantic walks on the beach with Robert Edwin House. That being said, the player will not be forced to kill him if they seduce him. They still have the option to side with him.

Recommended Stats

A Cyber Affair can only be played with a female Courier. I usually do not set gender restrictions for my mods, but this was how Obsidian intended, and as indicated by House's robo-harem he's most likely straight lol. If you play as a male, the dialogue options just won't come up.

In order to successfully seduce House, the player should have a Speech skill of 60 or higher.

NVSE is not required.

Manual Install Info

If for whatever reason you are manually installing the mod, please follow these guidelines.

1. For the Main File, download and extract the file 'A Cyber Affair.esp' to: This PC > C: > Program Files (or Program Files x86 depending on where your install folder is) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout New Vegas > Data.

2. For the Voice Files, download and extract the folder 'Voice' to: This PC > C: > Program Files (or Program Files x86 depending on where your install folder is) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout New Vegas > Data > Sound > Voice. If for whatever reason you don't have a Voice folder, right click and select "Create New Folder" and name it Voice. 

Thank you for playing!