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A REMASTERED and enhanced version of my previous mod. The Right to Bear Arms.

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Alright, so a short while ago, I released a mod called The Right to Bear Arms. The pun will remain because I have absolutely no sense of humor. BUT. I have decided to go back and fix a few things that people found undesirable about the mod, and hopefully I now have it fleshed out to a point where it can really be hopefully considered a quality mod.

For starters. There is a new weapon, the Trench Knife. This was purely for the purpose of giving the NCR a possible melee weapon because I was tired of seeing them trying to pass kitchen knives off as military hardware(they can still spawn with kitchen knives, purely because I didn't want to mess with default lists.)

Secondly, I have redesigned various meshes such as the Combat Rifle mesh to fit some criticisms and make it come across more like a functional weapon. This redesign has also been applied to the unique variant of the Combat Rifle, which remains in this mod.

Another mesh that has been reworked is the Service Carbine, the purpose of this was to give it support for a rail, to which a sight could be attached, which brings me to my next and possibly biggest point.

EVERY weapon
in the mod has been given a full loadout of three custom weapon mods which can be purchased from the Gun Runners at various levels, with the full suite of mods being (hopefully) purchasable past level 16.

With that said, I wanted to mention one thing that made an aspect of this mod possible.
This work created by mc_tammer/user826 made the ACOG sight that I put onto the Service Carbine. I made slight edits to the mesh but the vast majority of the work that went into that ACOG sight was done by him, and as such. I would highly recommend you go over there, leave him a nice comment telling him how good his work is, and drop an endorsement. Because he really made something that fits in with the base game while still providing new functionality.

The modded weapons have been added to support appropriate perks, and there is an optional esp that REQUIRES THE HONEST HEARTS DLC which adds the weapons to the Grunt perk.

EDIT: I've made use of a new ENV map made by the wonderful Ghogiel, go look at it here.

And I've uploaded an optional file that adds more detail to the combat rifle. With elements of that mesh taken from this modder's resource made by LordInquisitor. He does excellent work making more detailed variations of vanilla models and I'd highly suggest checking them out

(Original Description)
If you've seen my other mods, you likely already know what's in here. This
is a mod that contains my previous NCR Weapon mods(The Service Carbine,
Combat Rifle, and Trench Shotgun). This mod is just a combination of
those mods, with neater scripting (Only one running script, as opposed
to like...6 if you were to use my mods individually). I also made the
scripting cleaner, meaning this can be uninstalled more safely if you so
desire. Massive credit to this thread for helping me understand stuff.

On top of my other weapons, there is a brand new weapon exclusive weapon
to this pack. The Service Sidearm! It's no killer, but it's something a
bit harder hitting than the standard 9mm pistol to dump all that 9mm
ammo you have. A nice partner to any trooper that may not have their
hands on their main weapon right now.

Overall in this mod. You get:
Service Carbine
Combat Rifle (with a unique variant, see original mod page for guide)
Trench Shotgun
Service Sidearm
Trench Knife

All of these weapons(except the unique) have been added to leveled lists
and will appear on NCR troopers and fiends(Makes sense that fiends would
pick up some of the weapons from soldiers they killed, no?)