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Have you ever joined the Kings on a female playthrough and was disappointed that you couldn't look the part?
Probably not, but here's your answer anyway.

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This mod addresses a small gripe I had with the Kings as a faction (other than the lack of content). Most of my playthroughs thus far have been female couriers, and most of the time I would join the Kings. The outfit is cool, but you can't really complete the King look without one of the pomp hairstyles.
Like, come on, Sergio, cut my friggin hair like how yours is.

As sort of a pomp fan myself, I wanted to slap a tunnel snakes hair onto my female couriers so I got some help on the Nexus forums (Thank you JimboUK) and now you can pimp your characters with the Pompadour and the Tunnel Snakes hairstyles, vanilla races only (may patch for other mods if people want them)

Have fun, Kings.

(disclaimer: pomp hairstyle will look really dumb and tunnel snakes will look less dumb)

Now with a Fallout 3 Edition