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A configuration system that allows for changing any NUMERICAL data field on weapons from text files, without a mod directly editing them. Intended to ease the tricky job of ensuring compatibility between several weapon altering mods.

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Weapon Tuner Utility

This mod came about after finally stopping to think how to solve what is possibly the source of most compatibility headaches in the game, namely those related to weapons and their many, MANY data fields, which different mods have to alter in order to implement their features.

So far the practical solution was for the user to make his own compatibility patches, trying to merge as much as possible from his different mods. Alas, this results in unwieldy files suited for one particular setup of mods, and not everyone is skilled at creating or maintaining them. Think of the various mods doing integral changes to all the games' weapons: WRP, WMX, WME, EVE, those that I know of at least.

I came up with a somewhat simple system that allows the user to input changes to particular weapons into text files, and have scripts apply them all when the game boots. To keep things simple, this only allows changing NUMERICAL data fields: think damage, weight, spread, but also a lot more that work under the hood.

The idea is for visual and sound changes to be done by those larger, established weapon overhaul mods, but then using this utility to ensure that non-visible stat changes and fixes can get carried forward without interfering with the major changes. Several different changes can be made by the same or different ini files to the same weapon, though each data field can only inherit one change of course.

The main file contains an important Readme explaining how the system works, and another text with all formIDs of the vanilla game and DLCs in the format that the mod accepts, for quick reference. Optional files will be available for download containing config files ready to be plugged into this mod's system.
Users are encouraged to share their own config files, if they can figure how this works, or to suggest other weapon stat-altering mods that can be replicated into this system.

Thanks to Kris for help testing this mod out. His changes in Weapon Fire Animation Speed Tweaks are included here as an optional config file, with some additions from other mods.
Just to be clear, you need config files for this mod to do anything!

See you around