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This is my collection of mods for Functional Post Game Ending.

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This is a collection of the mods I made for Kazopert's Functional Post Game Ending.

It consists of the following mods:

FPGE - Allies: Sets certain factions as allies to the player depending on the ending.

FPGE - Legion Ending Tops Damage Removal: Removes the destruction from the Tops in the Legion ending.

FPGE - Legion Ending No Securitrions: Removes all Securitrons from the Strip regardless of if Caesar is alive or not.

FPGE - Ultra-Luxe Damage Removal: Removes the damage to the Ultra-Luxe in the Legion ending.

FPGE - Lucky 38 NCR Removal: Removes the NCR's presence from the Lucky 38.

FPGE - Lucky 38 Usable Auto-Doc: Makes Caesar's Auto-Doc usable.

FPGE - Moore Name Change: Changes Cassandra Moore's name to "Brigadier General Cassandra Moore" to reflect her promotion.

FPGE - Yes Man Ending Primm Securitrons: Enables Securitrons in Primm if you upgrade the Securitron army in the Yes Man questline.

FPGE- Leave the Mojave No End Credits: Leave the Mojave without playing the end credits.

FPGE - NCR Ending No Securitrons - Removes all Securitrons from the Strip in the NCR ending.

FPGE - McNamara HELIOS One - The Brotherhood of Steel will take over HELIOS One in the independent ending if the Securitron army or Hoover Dam is destroyed and McNamara is still elder.

FPGE - Mojave Outpost NCR Removal - Removes the NCR precense from Mojave Outpost in the House, Legion, and Yes Man ending. It also changes the ownership to the player.

FPGE - Gomorrah Damage Removal - Disables the rubble piles in Gomorrah in the Legion ending.

FPGE - Legion Ending No Family Alliances - Destroys the Omertas and White Glove Society in the Legion ending regardless of the outcome of their quests.

FPGE - House Ending BoS HELIOS One - The Brotherhood will take over HELIOS One if Hardin is the elder in the Mr. House ending. Requires Brotherhood and House Alliance.

Lonesome Road
Functional Post Game Ending - 4.0 or later.
New Vegas Script Extender - 6.0.7 or later.
JIP LN NVSE  - 56.02 or later
JohnnyGuitar NVSE - 3.60 or later
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