Fallout New Vegas
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Adds a fully moddable Chinese Assault rifle to the game with full LL integration

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  • Russian

The Chinese Assault Rifle(chambered in 5.56mm) has resurfaced across the Mojave, likely looted from Chinese caches, or brought in by outside raiding groups. This weapon has a suite of weapon mods including: 

-Chinese Assault Rifle Scope
-Extended Magazines for +12 more rounds
-Longer barrel for increased damage

Where To FInd

This gun has been injected to appropriate perk and leveled lists and can be found all across the Mojave in raider lists/Khans and shops

A unique shorter version of this weapon can be found in the Nellis Generator Room 

No Known bugs or Incompatibilities

To install just drop in your data folder or use your mod manager of choice.

For those that want a better mesh thats not slightly misaligned 

Cyborgninjadude made a replacer for it!

Camons Merc rifle from his mod
-Camon Pack Complete: