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Just a place to upload most of my personal use mods to better document, categorize, download with Vortex, and just generally manage them in a more organized way. OCD-ing, y'know.

Permissions and credits
I like it more when mods are downloaded, installed, stored, and correctly categorized when they're downloaded with Vortex so... Yeah.
Anyway, welcome to my little OCD-filled stash.

A. Custom Gear & Settings
  • ACustomGear&Settings.ini - Found in Data/Config. Configures Hardcore rates and thresholds, adjustment of food scaling with Survival Skill, magnitude of water "Restore Dehydration" effect, toggle for VATS related perks and toggle for some custom perks. Details on the ini itself. A standalone version is available.
  • WARNING: Rates are set to my preferred values by default, which CAN GET YOU KILLED if you sleep 24h straight while under ~80% hydrated. If that's too much for you (*cough*weakness) set the rates to higher values.
  • Adds 3 Map Markers to the Strip: Lucky 38, LVB Station, and NCR Embassy.
  • Courier's Light Armor & Helmet - Custom Reinforced Leather Armor + Black Combat Helmet
  • Courier's Advanced Combat Gear & Helmet - Custom Riot Gear & Helmet
  • Fenrir - Custom Ranger Sequoia with no NCR markings and reflective dots in the iron sights.
  • Craftable Vault 21 Armored Jumpsuit - The recipe will only show up if you have an unequipped V21 Jumpsuit in your inventory
  • Tweaked All Power Armors - Health, value, added a sneak penalty, etc. Details Below.
  • All Power Armors give half their weight as carrying weight bonus with PA Training.
  • All Power Armors have Agility penalty without PA Training.
  • Removed "Sneak Vision" from all Riot Helmets.
  • Riot Helmets with heat and night vision if Project Nevada - Enhanced Vision is installed.
  • Sets most projectiles to "Pass-Through Small Transparent", so they can go through objects such as chainlink fences.
  • Changed the Black Coffee script and now it will rarely yield a broken coffee cup.
  • Goodsprings School: Added some leather belts to loot - Intended to help with the V21 Armored Jumpsuit recipe.
  • Novac: Added campfire in front of the bungalows - Where were you supposed to cook anyway?.
  • Novac Player's Room: Added a combat helmet - Intended to help with the Courier's Light Gear recipe.
  • BoS Safehouse: Added Table, wall safe, electric plate, clean fridge, and med container.
  • DM: Added one Reloading Bench inside the Sierra Madre casino.
  • OWB: Giant Robo Scorpion has (much) more health.
  • LR: Fist of Rawr recipe required skill changed from Unarmed to Repair.

ACGS - Fenrir

ACGS - JBT Grim Reapers' Sprint


WMX - Christine's COS Silenced Sniper Rifle

.357 SIG Ammo and Weaponry + ACE + ACG&S v1

Hardcore Customization Standalone

What I made or edited from the base game exclusively in ACG&S

Changes made to original mods
  • Just Bullet Time: On the Grim Reaper's Sprint mod I manually edited 3 scripts, in which I added at least one or two lines of code responsible for the fix to work.

Mod & Utilities Links


10mm Pistol - Sig Sauer P226 Replacement
Smuppet - Author and apparently last keeper of this hidden jewel.
DreadWolf - Released the mod of New Vegas (Smuppet provided a link, but it's broken)
Soul_Slayer - Original Model
Thanez and JIHAD - Textures
DarkFireGaming - For his weapon sound pack (not actually used, but included in the .bsa)

HK PR8 Sig Sauer by GaigeStorm
GaigeStorm granted me permission to use his mod's sweet shot sounds, I like them very much and I'm thankful that he let me use them.

JBT - Just Bullet Time by Yvileapsis
This mod is so, so convenient and makes looting much more streamlined. The open permissions are awesome too, thanks to them I could release this without worries. Check JAM - Just Assorted Mods too, although my mod only works with the standalone JBT.

JSawyer Ultimate by PushTheWinButton
I simply don't want to ever play without this mod again, it's just excellent. I've made some tweaks in my mods inspired or based on some of JSU's own changes.

Weapons Mesh Improvement Mod by Roy Batty
I finally was able to let go of WMX to use this (not completely anyway, I made SomeWMX lmao), which allowed me to use this mod, pretty much an essential IMO even though I avoided it for a long time so I could keep WMX. This fixes so many things and annoyances I absolutely recommend it to everybody, now more than ever since it is compatible with FNV Clean Animations.

Weapons Mod Expanded - WMX by antistar
I mean, c'mon, it's WMX, what's to say? All of the previously mentioned mods came to my load order at different subsequent playthroughs. But I've been a WMX user since my second playthrough (the one where I start using no fix mods, so, pretty much the beginning). Being able to mod Lucky and A Light Shining in Darkness is just priceless, and now, thanks to his permission, I was able to upload a standalone file for those weapons and two more, huge thanks to him.

Ranger's Hunting Carbine by AnsaarTGB & MrBJBlazkowicz (non-NCR version only)
.45-70 Gov't Revolvers are freaking huge and heavy, but cool. When I looked for a mod that added this monster a stock I found this. It looks awesome, love at first sight. Even if the positioning of the left hand is a little idk, it's something I'm ok with overlooking it because I just love the rest. AnsaarTGB made the models, and MrBJBlazkowicz its textures.

ACE - Ammunition and Crafting Expanded, SIG P226 Pistol, by ePath
Gotta give me some credits for spending more time modding than reading about the career I'm studying for.