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ShoeBurglar - Conversion by Noiselarp

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HQ models and textures ported with permission from ShoeBurglar. Supports WMX.

Permissions and credits
Grenade Launcher Redux
Models and Textures by Shoeburglar
Conversion by Noiselarp7


- This mod contains a port of Shoeburglar's high quality Grenade Launcher model into Fallout New Vegas. All models and textures are of high quality and I have made all efforts to ensure that their quality is represented in this port.

- This mod is, theoretically, compatible with any mod that does not alter the Grenade Launcher, even then, it should be safe to overwrite in most cases.


Just drag and drop into your data directory

Compatibility Patches

- A compatibility patch for WMX is already available

- I not currently aware of any conflicts effecting this mod.

- Let me know if there are any conflicts that aren't resolved by either a
bashed patch or moving this mod further down your load order.

- I can't guarantee I'll make a patch as I'm quite bust as of late, but it is possible I'll make one.

Known Issues

- NPCs and Companions may not use the correct model for modified weapons. All files should
contain, or will soon be updated to contain, static entries for the
weapon models which will help somewhat with this issue

- However, the JIP LN Plugin versions 55.45+ contains an engine fix that is more reliable and functional than the vanilla implementation for NPCs using modified weapons.

It can be found here:


- The iron sight sighting nodes are not specifically patched for the ISControl node system, however, Xilandro has now released a mod that makes this unnecessary.

It can be found here:



- The lighting properties of this mod were made with KiCH666's shader tweak in mind, your mileage may very with other set ups

KiCH666's fixed version of Millenia's shader tweak: 



- I have reached out and received permission directly from Shoeburglar prior to the release of this mod

- All art assets included in the mod, except the cubemap, are the property of Shoeburglar, deffer to the original mod page for permissions and information pertaining to them:


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