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A clean, realistic preset that originally drew attention from my 2019 remastered graphics video. The preset is based off of Tru3th's Overgrowth ENB running with a few ReShade effects and Confidence Man's lighting plugin. Complete sky overhaul with new night sky textures by me, clouds by Marcurios, and sun textures by Prod80.

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After a long and unnecessary wait, I've finally gotten around to releasing the preset that was the spotlight of my video from over a year ago. The preset is based off of Tru3th's Overgrowth ENB running with a few ReShade effects and Confidence Man's lighting plugin. Complete sky overhaul with new night sky textures by me, clouds by Marcurios, and sun textures by Prod80.

In case you are new to modding and are running another ENB currently, make sure to delete every file
related to your current ENB, otherwise, your ENB could mix with mine and look totally different from the pictures.

Installing ReShade
Note: This should be installed before the ENB, as both ReShade and ENB contain a d3d9.dll upon install. Installing ReShade before ENB gives you the chance to rename its dll so that it's not overwritten by the ENB's. On the other hand, this preset looks quite good without any ReShade, in case you need the extra frames or find the install confusing. Though if you want the best look possible, I'd highly recommend that you install ReShade, as explained below.

Visit the ReShade website linked below and scroll down to the download where you will see the latest version. Download and run the exe. On the ReShade setup window, click to select a game and find FalloutNV.exe. If you can't find it in the menu, click browse, locate your main directory, and select the FalloutNV.exe.

ReShade site: https://reshade.me/

When asked to install the effect packages, only the legacy effects at the bottom of the list will be needed for this preset. If you plan to further edit the ReShade to your liking, you can install other packages. But just remember that the game will run best if you have the least amount of shaders.

After clicking OK, you can then select what shaders from each package that you would like to use. Uncheck everything in the "standard effects" package, as it won't be needed. In "legacy standard effects", uncheck everything and select DPX and HSLShift, as these are the main effects used by the preset. You can select other effects like clarity, ambient light, tonemap, etc, but some of them will highly impact your frames. 

After ReShade successfully installs, go back to the main directory and rename the d3d9.dll to "reshade.dll" (the name can be anything, but as long as it matches the proxy library name inside the enblocal.ini). This will keep it from being overwritten by ENB and allow it to work alongside it.

Installing ENBSeries
Go to the ENBDev website linked below and download the latest version of
Fallout New Vegas ENBSeries. Extract the downloaded file with a file extractor like 7-zip or WinRar and open the "wrapper version" folder.
Locate the d3d9.dll file and copy and paste it into your main directory, located
at Program Files (X86), Steam, Steamapps, Common, Fallout New Vegas. That's it.
The d3d9.dll should be in the same location as your FalloutNV.exe. However, if you use the 4GB patch,
it's possible that you have a folder in your directory called "exes." If so, put the d3d9.dll
in there. Apparently, ENBseries doesn't work properly when you have it outside that folder. I personally
don't have it but I just wanted to clarify for those that do.

ENBDev: http://enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm

Installing the ENB Preset
Download the file and extract it. Copy and paste all of the files into your
main directory. 
Then, go into your preferred mod manager and make sure that CM_Lighting_FNV.esp and CM Lighting DLC Support.esp are ticked, otherwise, the ENB will not look right.
Be sure to turn off Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in the launcher menu or you will run into visual bugs.
Also, make sure that HDR is checked in the launcher menu and that you have water displacement disabled in "Advanced."

While booting up the game, you should see both the ENBSeries and ReShade watermarks appear in the left-hand corner of the screen. If ReShade doesn't appear to be working, press Home to open the ReShade menu, click the top drop-down menu and select 2020Preset.ini.

Also, if you notice any weird color seams during sunsets, this is caused by the HSLShift effect in the ReShade menu. I haven't found a way around this unfortunately, so turn off the effect if the seams become an eyesore.

Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB
Tru3th for his amazing Overgrowth preset

Confidence Man for his lighting plugin
Marcurios for his cloud textures
Prod80 for his sun textures (If you [Prod80] would like these removed, then please let me know.)
Anyways, that's all for now. If you have questions or run into any issues then leave a comment here.