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didisaan - Sebastjin

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Uses the beautiful Cazador textures from Sebastjin and distributes them into the game.

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Look behind you... A three-headed Cazador!

I came across Sebastjin beautiful Cazadore recolours and I just loved them.
The only problem was, I wanted all of the variants in-game.
I contacted Sebastjin about this and about creating a mod that distributes all the different variants and the end result is this mod.

You need to go to the original mod page to download the textures here and download the file "The Swarm".
Download and install that mod, then download and install my mod.

There are not that many Cazador spawn points in-game, so you might not see all of the variants in a single playthrough.

Update 2020-20-21

Fixed some more errors.

Update 2020-07-29

Fixed a few errors.
Mix-n-matched the textures for even more variants. There are now 21 different variants of Cazador.
The Legendary Cazador and Specimen 73 now has their own custom texture.

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