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cbgreely Dracomies and SpaceOden

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A conversion of Dracomies' excellent Fallout 3 Redesigned for use with Tale of Two Wastelands.

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This mod may not work with the current version of TTW. I will leave it up as-is for anyone who wishes to modify it to work properly. I may update this once TTW 3.3 is released.


This is a conversion of Dracomies' Fallout 3 Redesigned - Formerly Project Beauty HD for use with Tale of Two Wastelands. In addition to converting the mod using the TTW Conversion script for FNVEdit, the relevant conflicts were also fixed to be consistent with TTW's changes to FO3's NPCs, ensuring maximum compatibility.

Please note that this mod will NOT affect NPCs in vanilla New Vegas aka the Mojave.

1. Download the file FO3 Redesigned HD from the original mod's page.
2. Download my converted file from this page.
3. Overwrite the .esm and two .esps from the original mod with mine.
4. If you haven't already, make sure you have some form of Archive Invalidation, as well as the line bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 in your Fallout.ini and Fallout_Prefs.ini (maybe even Fallout_default.ini too to be safe, .inis are strange)

Thanks to Dracomies for developing the original FO3 Redesigned and SpaceOden for permission to publish the conversion, as well as RoyBatterian and the TTW team for TTW and the conversion scripts used.