Fallout New Vegas
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weijiesen MaKc_DnDz and KEVIN465M0RAN

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About this mod

highly detailed and lore fitting power armors from Wei Jie Sen and Yan. Now for Fallout New Vegas

Permissions and credits
original outdated version is here

so since this amazing mod pack has been outdated since July 2011. i have decided to update the mod to make it working again. 

(the problem with the original is that some of the armors textures do not show ingame, my update will fix it)

How To Install
Drop the "Data" Folder and "ArchiveInvalidation.txt" into your FNV game directory. then enable the "DXProject.esp" in the game launcher

also keep in mind i have not messed with the mod in any way apart from fixing the meshes and textures. all the armors can still be found where there originally were in the outdated version

Locations of Armor(s) - there is also some images above 
  • Hellfire and Unique Enclave Armor = Located in the lockers of the Remnants Bunker
  • Hellfire(ARMOR ONLY) = Located On Cook Cook's Corpse
  • Enclave and Tesla Armor = Located Near the Crashed Vertibird
  • Tribal Armor = on Motor-Runner in Vault 3's Maintenance Wing
  • Outcast Armor = Craft it At Workbench or Spawn it in
  • T45d Power Armor = On Brotherhood Of Steel Members (texture replaces default armor)
  • T51b Power Armor = On Brotherhood Of Steel Members (texture replaces default armor)

ID codes
00014e13 - T-45d Power Armor
00075201 - Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor
00014c08 - T-45d Power Helmet

000a6f77 - T-51b Power Armor
000ee68d - Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor
000a6f78 - T-51b Power Helmet

0004443e - Enclave Power Armor
0004443f - Enclave Power Helmet

0006b464 - Tesla Armor
0006b465 - Tesla Helmet

xx001098 - Hellfire Armor
xx001099 - Hellfire Helmet

xx0021d1 - Outcast T45d Armor
xx0021d2 - Outcast T-45d Power Helmet

xx001934 - T-45d Tribal Power Armor
xx001935 - T-45d Tribal Power Helmet

where xx is Mod Index in your FOMM.

weijiesen - For making the textures
MaKc_DnDz - for porting the textures (see link above)