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An HD 2k retexture of the Battle Rifle & This Machine, made from scratch

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Heaven’s Battle Rifle & This Machine Retextured

Now included in my pack Weapon Textures from Heaven!

Ever since I’ve acquired the Battle Rifle (with extra critical chance) in NV it had quickly become my favorite weapon. I decided to do a small side project after getting burnt out on a large texture mod I’m working on and I wanted to give my trusty Battle Rifle a new HD retexture since I’m staring at it for so long. This Machine is also included since you can’t have one without the other.


This is an HD 2k made-from-scratch retexture of the Battle Rifle & This Machine. The mod comes with 2k Diffuse and 1k Normals for best performance and visuals. There’s also an optional file which has the serials of their respective guns (Thanks to Uncleboz for suggesting that!), which wasn’t present in original texture, but it adds to the immersion.


Simply install with a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is highly recommended) or put files in Data folder of NV folder and overwrite/replace.


This is a pure texture replacer without any esp so it shouldn’t cause any issues, just make sure to put it after other weapon retexture mods you’re using so that it doesn’t get overwritten.

Thanks To

Viva New Vegas Discord server for being the comfiest and most helpful server I’ve been in
uncleboz for giving me great constructive criticism and suggestions that improved this mod by 100x
Conor96 for providing great screenshots, helping me with texture art and being the good lad he is

Tools Used

Substance Painter
Photoshop 2020
Blender 2.8