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Retextures House's Monitor & his Securitron with higher quality versions.

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This mod retextures House's Monitor & his Securitron.


I took the original DDS File for Mr. House in the game, extracted it, converted it into a png using AConvert.com, & opened that in Photoshop. Then, I created a 4096x2048 file & increased the png to those dimensions, hence "Upscale." After, I used a lot of High Pass, Noise Reduction & Stylize> Diffuse> Anisotrophic filters to reduce the artifacts from upscaling, also played around with the contrast & saturation, & added the scan lines. Lastly, I modified the result into the respective formats for the Monitor & Securitron, then saved those as pngs, then converted them back to DDS using the same site. It's not a true HD texture, but it's certainly close. Whether that's a -10/10 or otherwise is your own opinion; probably.


To install, extract the files from the ZIP with a program like 7-ZIP (it's free, ain't that a rarity?), then copy & paste it in your Fallout: New Vegas Directory. For example, if you have the Steam version, your directory is under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas

There are two versions: one with scan lines, & one without. If you want to use one for, say, the Securitron but not the Monitor, you'll have to download both versions, then copy & paste the ones you want from the individual texture folders.

This should be compatible with any mod that doesn't also overwrite Mr. House's Monitor & Securitron textures. So, for example, House's Securitron doesn't cause any issues as it just uses the DDS files that are available. If any mod does change the same DDS files, you'll have to install this mod after that one.

Speaking of, here are the mods that gave me the idea for this upscale, & that are also just great:

Securitrons On Alert by Nehred
Remastered HD Mr. House Lucky 38 by DavicoltHD
Vanilla Loading Screens HD by frosty-theaussie

Have fun with 'em!