Fallout New Vegas
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Januusz aka Johnsonn

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This pack contains new animations for 1st person reloads for various weapons.

Permissions and credits
So this mod basically replaces vanilla animations (Reloads mostly) in 1st person, they are made in mind with vanilla idles etc. So You dont need to worry about patches or any weird fiddling with the mod - just download it and You are good to go, obviously its not compatible with any animation replacers with exeption being hitman47101's mods for vanilla animations - that is:

Iron Sights Recoil Animations
Subtle Camera Motion
Fire Animation Variants

These are in fact recomended mods to use with this one, they just enhance vanilla anims.
From now on, any new animation I'll make will be uploaded here.

List of anims in this mod:

1hpReloadA - 10mm pistol
1hpReloadE - .44 Magnum
1hpReloadG - 10mmSMG
1hpReloadL - 9mm pistol
2haReloadA - FO3,TTW Assault Rifle/G3
2haReloadD - Gauss Rifle
2haReloadF - Service Rifle/Marksman Carbine
2hrReloadB - Laser Rifle/Tri beam
2hrReloadJ - Grenade Rifle/Single Shotgun
2hrReloadO - AntiMateriel Rifle
2hrReloadP - This Machine/Garand
OPTIONAL 2haAttackLoop - Faster looping vanilla anim 

Credit to Hitman47101 for sharing rigz with me