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A light set of upgrades to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.

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"This is my Lucky 38 suite mod. There are many like it, but this one is mine"

zed's Simple Suite Upgrade v1.1
Author: zedas
November 24, 2020

The Lucky 38 suite is okay, but it's missing a few necessities/embellishments I felt it should have. Now this type of mod has been done many times already, but I found most were a bit too much or not quite enough for my tastes. So I created 'zed's Simple Suite Upgrade' to fill the gap (or 'zSSU' pronounced zzoo, for those of you with a predilection for acronyms). For functionality this mod adds a recipe crafting stove and a reloading bench & extra storage chest to the suite. For aesthetics the mod changes the vending machine to a clean(er) one, restores a cut liquor cabinet (with fancier version), restores one cut suitcase, turns three radios to Radio New Vegas instead of static, adds light for light sources that appear turned on, and adds a few minor decorative objects. All changes are done in an as subtle and non-intrusive manner as is possible. All new upgrades are purchasable from the suite terminal. A No Lighting version of the esp is available in optional files for those who may have a mod that already does lighting in the Lucky 38 suite e.g. Interior Lighting Overhaul (what I used in screenshots)

What does it do exactly?
-adds bookRow, bookRowHalf, ovenHood, toolbox, whiskeyBottleFull, liquorCabinet meshes
-adds glow mapped CookingStove mesh
-adds clean(er) texture for sarsaparilla vending machine
-adds clean texture and glow map for stove
-adds icons for all purchasable suite upgrades

-adds purchasable stove upgrade which will replace static stove container (don't put stuff in stove container or it'll disappear)
-adds purchasable reloading bench upgrade
-adds purchasable reloading bench storage chest
-adds purchasable liquor cabinet container where cut liquor cabinet would have been
-adds purchasable "First Aid Station" storage boxes
-enables cut suitcase container with purchase of master wardrobe 2 upgrade
-marks purchaseable containers "player owned"

-adds oven hood above stoves and ambient effects for cooking stove
-adds static stand for liquor cabinet
-adds static toolbox decoration to workbench
-adds bookrow static models and three havok'd books to three bookshelves
-moves shelf and contents to make space for reloading bench and chest

-changes 3 static/broken radios to Radio New Vegas (fourth left alone because sound envelopes overlapped)

-adds light to where the logically would be with two glowing sources
-adds new light and glowing source above reloading bench

-caps used purchasing upgrades will not be recoverable via trading (silly Obsidian)

1) Use your mod organizer or unzip it in the data folder I don't know what young people do these days! (Or do I? Dun dun dunh...)
2) For the no lighting version overwrite the main esp with that from the optional files
3) If you use an enhanced UI mod (e.g. Vanilla UI+) you can install the higher resolution icons from the optional files

Compatibility/Known Issues:
-This mod has a minor conflict with J. Sawyer Ultimate for which a patch is provided in optional files
-Mods that alter the Lucky 38 suite are possibly going to conflict. An alternate esp is provided if only lighting conflicts arise e.g. as with Interior Lighting Overhaul
-This mod is 100% compatible with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch at date 11/24/2020 and is likely to stay so in future.

Any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section or send  
me a message.

See tab above /\

- bronod's Project FNVIcons for some nifty and needed icons that saved me scads of time doing them myself
- quoter1's Clean Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine for clean sarsaparilla machine base texture
- Jokerine's Jokerine's Misc Resources and Tutorials - FNV for base stove, book row, and toolbox meshes
- DcCharge's Charge's FNV HD Texture Packs for clean stove base texture
- Elminster & others for xEdit without which making these mods would be a frickin nightmare
- Roy Batty - nukem - lStewieAl - jazzisparis - LuthienAnarion - carxt for GECK Extender which saves a lot of headache in the G.E.C.K.
- Obsidian and Bethesda for Fallout New Vegas and the tools to allow me to muck with it.