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This mod adds several swappable hardware modules for the Pip-Boy that grant different bonus effects.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a series of expansion modules for the Pip-Boy that grant bonus effects as though they were armors, but don't take up an armor slot and can't be confiscated. It was inspired by this article I read on the wiki, about a feature found in J.E. Sawyer's pen and paper Fallout RPG. The following modules are available:

Combat Modules
  • Brawl Buddy - Boosts damage resistance, Strength and Endurance for 120 seconds when entering combat
  • Scope Buddy - Highlights enemies and allows you to target cloaked enemies in VATS
  • Reflex Buddy - Slows down time for a few seconds when you're spotted by an enemy

Recon Modules
  • Sneak Buddy - Boosts Sneak and grants a stealth field when crouched
  • Hack Buddy - Unlocks non-quest terminals (grants no XP)

Survival Modules
  • Nurse Buddy - When your Health drops below 25%, it will slowly regenerate your Health back up to 50%
  • Rad Buddy - When your Rads exceed 500, it will slowly reduce your Rads back down to 200

Maintenance Modules
  • Kludge Buddy - Randomly restores some of your weapon's condition when firing
  • Juice Buddy - Randomly recharges spent energy cells when firing an energy weapon

Social Modules
  • Charm Buddy - Boosts Charisma, Speech and Barter

Only one module can be equipped at a time, and you can only swap them out by using the briefcase.

The briefcase can be found on a shelf in Doc Mitchell's house. The TTW plugin adds an additional briefcase to Craterside Supply in Megaton.

Modules can be found scattered around the Wasteland, purchased from select vendors, or looted from containers. The following vendors have a chance to sell expansion modules:

Pre-placed instances of each module can also be found at the following locations:

Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console commands (Substitute ## with the Mod Index of the plugin in your load order):

player.AddItem ##BA0001 1 ;Gives 1 'Brawl Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0002 1 ;Gives 1 'Nurse Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0003 1 ;Gives 1 'Rad Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0004 1 ;Gives 1 'Sneak Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0005 1 ;Gives 1 'Charm Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0006 1 ;Gives 1 'Scope Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0007 1 ;Gives 1 'Hack Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0008 1 ;Gives 1 'Kludge Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA0009 1 ;Gives 1 'Juice Buddy' Holotape
player.AddItem ##BA000A 1 ;Gives 1 'Reflex Buddy' Holotape

Detailed Instructions:

There are a handful of global variables that can be changed by the user in order to tailor the experience to your preference. You can either change them using FNVEdit or by using console commands (i.e. set aaaGLOB{VariableName} to 0/1)
  • aaaGLOBEnableLeveledListIntegration - Determines whether the modules are injected into base game vendor and loot lists. Default value is 1, meaning the modules are injected into base game lists as soon as the game starts. If you plan to change this, use FNVEdit instead of the console.
  • aaaGLOBEnableWorldInstances - Determines whether pre-placed instances of each module appear in the worldspace. Default value is 1, meaning pre-placed instances appear.
  • aaaGLOBRandomChanceMult - Affects Kludge Buddy and Juice Buddy. This value is multiplied by the Player's Luck to calculate the chances of the module's effect being applied. Default value is 2.5, meaning with max Luck, the effect has a 25% chance of happening.
  • aaaGLOBInstantHack - Affects Hack Buddy. Determines whether terminals are instantly unlocked or merely have their lock level lowered. Default value is 1, meaning that terminals are instantly unlocked.
  • aaaGLOBUseUpChems - Affects Brawl Buddy, Reflex Buddy, Nurse Buddy, and Rad Buddy. Determines whether chems are consumed from your inventory before the module's effect is applied. Default value is 0, meaning chems are not used up.

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.