Fallout New Vegas
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Instead of automatically gaining HP upon leveling up, the player can now choose between HP, Carry Weight, and AP to increase during level up. allowing for more customization.

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1.1 Update

Fixed a bug where the stats won't apply if you load the mod mid save.

I always found how boring the game handles stats, and how dumb it was that the player ended up with way too much health by late game.

So I decided to make a Skyrim/Paper Mario styled fix for it.

Now after the player levels up, they will be granted 3 options, to increase their health by 5, to increase their Carry weight by 5, or to increase their Action Points by 3.

Very simple mod and should work with any mod as long as they don't touch the fAVDHealthLevelMuti game setting.

Special thanks to Hitman for helping me balance the mod.