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Adds a handful of weapons from Destiny and Destiny 2 into the game. Credits: Bungie.

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Bungie's cool with mods, something I forgot. And I had this pack of Destiny weapons too, so might as well release it. Older work not up to my current standards, and no leveled lists this time, but I might come back later and change all that along with adding more weapons from the Destiny games. They use the vanilla shinybright_e instead of a decent cubemap, and I haven't animated the revolvers yet (models are separated though so that's easy enough).  Still I figure some might get a kick out this pack, so here it be. They can be found in Victor's Shack in Goodsprings for the time being.

Current Weapon List: 
7th Carbine
7th Pistol
7th SMG
Bolt Caster
Dark Drinker
Devil's Ruin
Fourth Horseman
Hard Light
Izanagi's Burden
MIDA Multi-Tool
No Man's Land
Origin Story
Outbreak Perfected
Raze Lighter
Sleeper Stimulant
The Last Word
The Young Wolf's Howl

Credits: First and foremost, without how awesome Bungie is this mod would not exist. And I'm not talking about the fact they made Destiny, but just how cool they are in general when it comes to mods. Love those guys, they're great.